Monday, April 8, 2013

How Should A Small Business Use Social Media and Web In A New Product Release?

Two events prompt this blog: 1) the news article on the 5most profitable tweets ever, 2) IMT Holdings, Corp just released it’s newest product, GeoGravy,.  So how should a small business go about getting its new product out there?  A large company, with lots of marketing funding can do all sorts of activities to get in front of potential customers. But what about small companies with great products, and very limited marketing budget?  The GeoGravy release allows any readers of this blog to follow along with a case study in real time. 

What’s in a name?  PLENTY! I have seen many instances where these simple steps have been ignored. One of the first problems in marketing your product is what to call it.  Naming can have a big impact. Something that is too common will be lost in the searches, way at the bottom. Something that is comparatively unique is always great, but it needs to be memorable.

So, following our case study if you Google’d (great name example) GeoGravy you would have gotten back a couple of results and the question at the top of the page:
                        Did you mean: geography

So the name was pretty rare and yet easy to remember, as well as somewhat indicative of what the product does. 

You want to sanity check the name of your product.  Is there any slight mispronunciations or misspelling of the potential name of your product? If there are, pick another one. 

You want to be able to trademark the name of your product.  Googling the potential name of your product should reveal if there are any other products out there already claiming the name you wish to use. If there are you need to go with another name.  Similarly do searches on Twitter, and Facebook. Look and see what is out there. Are they claimed already, is there positive or negative connotations associated with the name.

You also want to have a website that is based on the name of your product.  Type in the URL of with the product name you wish to use. With any luck no one will have already claimed it.

 Once you are happy with the name, there are a couple of things to take care of right away, well before starting the product release. First is getting the domain name of the product registered.  You don’t need to publish anything yet, just get the link. A second item to take care of if this is your first product is to register with a press release service(s). PrLog is a good free one, but there are many others.

Finally, you want to coordinate your release.  You want to have your press release, web pages, Tweets, e-mailings, and snail mail all go out at the same time. With one exception, you web pages.  Web pages take about a week before they start showing up in Google, Bing, Blekko, etc. You want to have your web pages on line and easily found in the search engines. 

Release Checklist: This coordinated buzz all at once is a key factor.  To coordinate it all, use a checklist.  Add anyplace you think of to the list where you want to mention it. (Is LinkedIn on your list?) And it takes plenty of work. You need to write web pages, press releases, have a collection of pre-composed tweets, etc. all ready to go at the same time.  This all at once approach is designed to make your small business look big. Staggering articles, items etc, doesn’t. Go for it.

Our use case: now after a week GeoGravy appears as the number one item if you search for GeoGravy, and you no longer see the “Did you mean”.   

We haven’t even started talking about SearchEngine Optimization SEO. Next post.
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